Based on the history of Korean “comfort women”, who suffered sexual abuse by the Japanese military under colonial rule, Mein Bild von dir deals with the ways in which history that has personally been experienced, but rather received via a medium, can be expressed through the body. In a dialog that unfolds between two performers on stage, the piece examines the ways in which such medial experiences can manifest in form of motion and emotion, as they are transposed into the present.

choreography: Su Jin Kim
performers: Su Jin Kim, Eyal Bromberg
stage design: Anthoula Bourna
Video design: Jacob Brosda, Anthoula Bourna
costumes: Hee Jin Kwon
dramaturgy: Ines Dyszy

photos by Anja Beutler

July 2019, ‘Limited Edition’ Performance Festival, P1 Kampnagel, Hamburg

funded by
Behörde für Kultur und Medien, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

coproduced by
K3-Zentrum für choreographie, Tanzplan Hamburg, Kampnagel

supported by 
Korea - Verband e.V