IN OBERHAUSEN                           IN HAMBURG

„Wer seine Wunde zeigt, wird geheilt.“ (Joseph Beuys)
“They, who show their wounds, shall be healed” (Joseph Beuys)

Anthoula Bourna developed the space for the immersive performances„Sterben in Oberhausen“ (October 2020, Festival  „Schlingensief 2020“) and  „Sterben in Hamburg“ (April 21, in cooperation with Kampnagel - Hamburg) for the directing duet Saskia Kaufmann and Raban Witt.
The fictive corporate company „Sterben“, offers personalised grieving ceremonies. Experimenting with  passage-rites as a medium, the visitor can choose not only how, but also in what point of their life they need to experience this grieving-ceremony-for-the-living!
After visiting the office where a performer helps them to find out the details, the visitor -protagonist has to undergo several preparations, in order to enter the cermonial room, where a chorus of other initiated  visitors helps them experience the ritual.

             Photos by Katrin Ribe and Patrick Sobottka

Performance: Luisa Taraz (Sterben in Oberhausen), Ela Cosen (Sterben in Hamburg), Lamin Leroy Gibba, Iris Minich, Timoleon Papadopoulos, Agnieszka Salamon, Gunnar Titzmann, Amanda Babaei Vieira,  
Directing: Kaufmann / Witt
Text: Sean Keller
Art Direction: Anthoula Bourna
Costumes: Christina Geiger
Graphic Design: Georgios Kondylis
Video:Phillip Hohenwarter
Live-Directing: Florian Brossmann (Sterben in Hamburg) 
Camera: Leon Daniel (Sterben in Hamburg)
Music: Saskia Kaufmann
Stage/Set Cooperation: Saskia Stoltze
Stage-designer assistance: Daria Schira
Costume-designer assistance: Fabienne Ank, Merit Zürcher
Production: PK3000

Supported by:  Kunststiftung NRW, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW,  NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Theater Oberhausen.