‘’ When I was a kid my parents moved around all the time, but I’ve found them again ‘’
Rodney Dangerfield

A musical play which examines the question “What is family.”
Three actors who adopt the text “Struwwelpeter” by Heinrich Hoffmann as an opportunity to remember moments of their childhood, their relationship with their parents, as they were sometimes naughty, as well as the fears and accompanied by what they dream.
A story for “love adults and uneducated, naughty children” as the writer of the book writes in footnote. Following the dramaturgy, I handled the visual part with basic colors and powerful symbols (props). I tried to reproduce the characters and their interrelationships through some simple visual information, which is able though to be alternated by the actors. I avoided the reference to a fairy-tale dimension, mocking the idactic character of the original text.

a play by: Heinrich Hoffman
direction: Dimitra Thomaidou
direction assistant: Petros Mandalos
music: Pinelopi Gkika(Geige), Ilan Kravitz(Cello)
Dramaturgy: Hannes Schumacher
stage and costume desighn: Anthoula Bourna

stage and costume desighn assistant: Nancy Saranti
actors: Karien Anna Weber, Pinelopi Gkika, Ilan Kravitz
Videos: Giorgos Aggelopoulos
Production: rRaumap

played on December 2013 in the Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin.

abc6 from anthoula bourna on Vimeo.